Elinchrom Umbrella Deep L White with Diffuser ø125cm


The Elinchrom White Deep Umbrella offers you a softer light than the silver umbrella, achieving softer and well-graded shadows, ideal for portraits. Also with the translucent diffuser you get a much softer light. Compared to the Octabox it gives you more depth on the faces.

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The umbrella

  • A deeper shape with which you will get better control and precision in light modeling.
  • It is compact, lightweight, portable and extremely easy to use.
  • The 16 fiberglass ribs allow to obtain a perfect circular shape.
  • Made with high quality heat resistant fabrics.
  • Use with an optional diffuser for an even softer, more even spread of light.
  • Full control of the dispersion of light, simply by moving the position of the umbrella closer or further away.
  • ø125 cm (45 cm deep)

The diffuser

  • Turns a white or silver umbrella into a softbox.
  • Dissipates light and reduces light output by about 1.5 stops.
  • Very easy to place and adjust thanks to the two adjustable tensioners.
  • Made with high quality heat resistant fabrics.

Información adicional

Dimensiones125 × 125 × 45 cm