Turbo Wind Machine 145W


Create wind effects, achieving truly professional finishes. The equipment is ideal for achieving effects in the hair, or in the clothes; in fact, the photography of people and beauty has its perfect partner in the walimex wind machine. Thanks to the power regulator, you can adjust the machine from a light breeze to simulate a strong storm. Thanks to the robust supports, the firmness of the machine is ensured as well as the ease of tilting. Thanks to its shape, it concentrates the wind flows, something that is not possible with normal fans.

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  • Tunnel Dimensions: approx.- 28cm/48cm (diameter)
  • Power: 145W
  • Air flow: 2880 m2/h
  • Propeller rotation: approx.: 1400 upm
  • Connector: 5/8″ spigot

Información adicional

Peso10,7 kg
Dimensiones55 × 55 × 39 cm